Frequently Asked Questions

Can you buy my home in any condition or under any circumstance?

Yes! We can buy your home in as-is condition and under any circumstance such as pre-foreclosure, tax liens, divorce, probate/inheritance, open mortgage(s), simply downsizing, vacant, or expired listing! 

Can I sell my home with people living in it?

Absolutely! We buy houses owner-occupied, tenant-occupied, and vacant. You do not have to wait until your tenant's lease is up, either! An occupied home does NOT hinder your selling process nor our buying process.  

What are the next steps after accepting your offer?

After a verbal agreement has been made, a written agreement will be delivered and signed by both parties.

All information, such as the contract, will be submitted to the Attorney.

Earnest Money Deposit will be submitted and the Title Search will begin!

You will be contacted by the Attorney from the Title Company, who will send over a Seller's Information Sheet to be filled out.

Once the title is clear, both parties will be informed, and we'll be set to CLOSE!