Client Testimonials

Karen L. 

Kennesaw, GA 

I was facing pre-foreclosure with my own property plus probate with my father's property. I was in such panic mode and distress, I thought my life was practically over. I came across this company that was able to stop my foreclosure by taking over my monthly payments and I was able to sell them my father's property that I knew I would not want to deal with at the time. This saved my credit! Motion Capital Group came through when I needed them the most. I am not sure what I would have done or could have done without their help! 

William B.

Birmingham, AL

I thought moving to another state was the hard part, but in actuality, selling my home was the hardest, at first. I tried listing my home with a realtor, but for reasons beyond my control, the house just would not sell! While scrolling through Instagram, I noticed an ad about selling my house - all cash. Of course I thought it was fake, but after further research and speaking with a specialist, I knew I was in good hands. My home was sold in less than 10 days, I did not have to host anymore Open Houses, and I received a check for the same amount I was offered, at closing. No commission or other fees were taken out of my money! Thank you Motion Capital Group for a smooth sailing process. 

Bob F.

Lithonia, GA

I had a vacant home sitting for many years. After it suffered fire damage, I did not know what to do with this property, but I knew I was not interested in fixing it up. I heard of Motion Capital Group through a friend who went through a similar process. I knew a cash sale was the way to go because I needed to get rid of it fast due to being fined by the city for code violations and it being an overall eyesore in the community! Thank you to the experts who helped me out.